Razer Blade Pro (2017) Review

Like Will Smith in the film Men in Black, Razer makes this look good. Somehow, the company manages to maintain its razor-thin (pun definitely intended) margins while cramming in some of the most powerful specs in the land. With the latest Razer Blade Pro (starting and reviewed at $3,999), the company has added an overclocked Intel i7 processor while keeping the Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU, fantastic 4K Nvidia G-Sync display and proprietary ultra-low-profile mechanical keys. If that wasn’t enough, the slim stunner is also the first mobile device to feature THX audio certification. In other words, one of the best in the business just got better.


There’s just something about a Razer laptop that makes the pulse quicken ever so slightly when you see it. Constructed from black CNC aluminum, the Blade Pro follows the Razer design dictates to a T, just on a bigger scale. The center of the laptop’s lid is slightly recessed, creating a pair of subtle ridges that help accentuate the glimmering emerald three-headed snake emblem.

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