New MacBook Pro hands-on

Somehow both familiar and fresh, the new MacBook Pro is more than the sum of its parts: there’s some witchcraft in here, too. I’ve spent some hands-on time with Apple’s new flagship notebook, just announced at the company’s Cupertino HQ in California today, and it’s the upgrade many Mac users have been waiting with middling degrees of patience. More importantly, it feels like the final piece of Apple’s argument against touchscreen notebooks and 2-in-1s.

The rumor machine may have spoiled the big Touch Bar surprise – even if we weren’t entirely sure of its name at the time – but there’s a big difference between seeing it in renders and using it in person. It’s definitely the feature your eyes latch onto first when you see the new MacBook Pro, eclipsing the skinnier body and even the larger trackpad. When it comes down to it, our eyes are used to regular aspect-ratio displays, and that’s very different from this narrow strip.


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