Netgear ReadyNAS 422 review: This box is fast and built to last

We’re big fans of this box’s all-metal construction and world-class performance. We also like its user interface, although it could be easier to use, and we wish it could be administered fully using its front-panel controls, but this is a great product overall.


Netgear makes well-built, super-fast NAS boxes that we truly enjoy testing. The ReadyNAS RN422 might seem expensive—you can buy one at Amazon, without drives, for $360—but they’re actually quite affordable compared to similar business-grade products from QNAP and Synology. While aimed at the enterprise, this class of hardware is outstanding for media streaming and backup on a home network.

The only downside is the occasional need for above-average tech chops for things like setting up a website server or FTP backup. If that doesn’t faze you, then the RN422 (or any of its siblings: the RN424, RN426, or RN428, offering four, six, and eight drive bays respectively) will serve you well. Pun intended.

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