macOS 10.14 Mojave, Boot Camp, Macs: what you need too know

Apple’s latest major update for the macOS is out. Nicknamed “Mojave”, macOS version 10.12 naturally brings a ton of new features, like dark mode, for example. But with every new macOS release, some older Macs may be left behind. So before you hit that update button, you might want to double check first if you’re Mac is invited to the party. More importantly, better double check you won’t have to say goodbye to your Windows dual boot as well.

The most unusual restriction that Apple didn’t reveal beforehand is how macOS 10.14 won’t play well with Boot Camp, the utility it provides to allow Macs to dual boot Windows. If you have a late 2012 27-inch Mac in particular, you won’t be able to update to Mojave. Your only way forward would be to remove Boot Camp, which means loosing Windows. And after you’ve upgraded, you can no longer use Boot Camp either. Your only recourse? Buying a virtualization product like Parallels.

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