Logitech MK540 Advanced wireless keyboard and mouse review: Snappy typing, no noise

A tactile, quiet keyboard paired with a solid mouse

Quiet yet snappy, roomy and programmable, the reasonably priced Logitech MK540 Advanced keyboard will appeal to typists looking for tactile typing experience without making too much of a racket, while the bundled mouse impresses with its smooth, solid scrolling and programmable gestures.

Dedicated typists looking for a premium, snappy keyboard without going the mechanical way should give the wireless MK540 Advanced combo a serious look. Logitech’s enticing $60 bundle serves up a roomy keyboard complete with dedicated media buttons, programmable keys, and tactile typing with a minimum of clickity-clack, while the solid mouse offers smooth scrolling plus programmable gestures. Our only quibble is with the Logitech MK540’s limited Mac support.

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