Logitech M320 review


Logitech is easily my go-to brand of PC accessories for the simple fact that it has the biggest selection of shapes, sizes and designs. But if you’re not a die-hard researcher like me or just don’t feel like poring over the 22 different mice on the Web site to find the right pick, you’ve come to the right place.

The Logitech M320 is one of the company’s most basic wireless mouse models, listing for $30 but available online (in the US, at least) for less than half that: $12.99. (In the UK, the price delta is smaller: £30 list and £25 online. The M320 doesn’t appear to be officially available in Australia, but Aussies can opt for the very similar M280 for AU$30 list.) Don’t let the budget price fool you, however: Its featherweight design, double-wide scroll wheel and supremely precise optical sensor make this a trustworthy addition to your mobile workstation.

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