Lenovo YOGA 720 15″ Review: a sleek but heavy Windows laptop

This year has brought one of the most beautiful and capable Lenovo YOGA laptops we’ve seen so far: the YOGA 720. This laptop — the 15″ version, in this case — sports a sleek all-metal body alongside an Ultra HD glossy display, powerful graphics, and an excellent keyboard. Like other YOGA models, the 720 is also flexible, able to fully transform into a ‘tablet’ or sit at any angle between. What’s not to like?

Hardware & Design

The YOGA 720 is an impressive beast, emphasis on beast due to its relatively heavy weight. Everything about this laptop’s design screams premium, and that impression holds up true during usage. The YOGA 720 has one of the most comfortable laptop keyboards I’ve ever typed on; just the right amount of travel and resistance with near-silent operation and wide spacing.

The power button on the edge sits flush with the metal, though Lenovo put in the effort to distinguish it with a glowing LED rim. The lid has a smooth metal design interrupted only with the shiny YOGA logo. The display takes up most of the underside; the dark bezels around it are very slim, leaving little space wasted.

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