Lenovo Y27g RE Review : Monitor Costs Too Much for Too Little

When I tested the Lenovo Y27g RE with a variety of games, I was underwhelmed. When I read its price $650 I felt even more uneasy. The Y27g RE features a bright screen and a wide range of colors, but beyond that, its thoroughly unimpressive. Its colors are inaccurate; its menus are sluggish and unintuitive; its extra features add nothing useful.  

Most importantly, in a world where you can get a rock-solid 4K monitor for less than $600, charging $50 more for a 1080p monitor makes for a tough sell. The curved screen and G-Sync support may be worth the price of admission for some people, but otherwise, there are cheaper monitors more worthy of your money. 


The 27-inch Y27g RE features a curved screen and a black plastic chassis with colored lighting on the back. (Why, exactly, a monitor needs colored lighting, or why youd put said lighting where you cantsee it, is just one of the devices many mysteries.) The monitor looks inoffensive enough, with just a few architectural flourishes.

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