Lenovo Ideapad C340 (14″) review – one of the best priced convertibles on the market

Last week, we gave you our thoughts about the 15-inch version of the device we are checking out today. It is the Lenovo Ideapad C340 and the larger version had some issues, to be honest. It was too heavy for its size and purpose, got warmer than anticipated and its display wasn’t the best, whatsoever.

Stay with us to see whether going for the 14-inch option is a better deal – not only price-wise but also on the usability spectrum. Let’s start by saying that it comes in configurations of both Intel and AMD processors. Of course, they are the Whiskey Lake and the Ryzen 3-series – the latest by the time of writing this review (sorry if you are reading that in the future, perhaps you’re laughing right now).

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