Kirin 980 Deep Dive: Huawei Doubles Down On AI

Let’s take a look at the processor that’ll power the next Mate

Huawei is set to launch the next generation of their Mate series in a few weeks and with it the global debut of their latest flagship processor, the Kirin 980. Like the Kirin 970 before it, the Kirin 980 is a large technological leap in terms of raw power, AI computational abilities as well as power efficiency.

Huawei has made no secret of their love for artificial intelligence in phones, first dabbling with the tech in the Kirin 960 that powered the Mate 9 and P10 whose rallying cries were “born fast, stay fast” thanks to the AI smarts inside of them. Things really came to a head with the Kirin 970 which was the first chipset to have a dedicated NPU or neural processing unit, which allowed phones equipped with the processor to have fast, on-machine AI capabilities that ultimately meant better photos, battery life, and performance.

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