Intel Core i7-8650U vs Intel Core i5-8250U – benchmarks and performance comparison

Recently we published the comparison between two members of the 8th Generation Kaby Lake Refresh – Intel Core i7-8650U and Intel Core i7-8550U. It turned out that these two chips were quite similar in terms of specifications but the former manages to outperform its rival in 3 out of 3 benchmark tests.

This time we’ve decided to put the Intel Core i7-8650U and the Intel Core i5-8250U side by side and see just how much of a difference there is.

Specs overview

Just like Intel Core i7-8550U, Intel Core i5-8250U shares very similar specs with its opponent – the Intel Core i7-8650U. Both chips are part of the Kaby Lake Refresh and are built on the 14nm manufacturing process. They also feature four physical cores and a total of eight threads. In addition, their power draw is estimated at 15W. As for the graphics part, both incorporate the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620

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