Intel Core i7-10710U vs i7-9750H – it’s up to you to decide

So, on the ring today we have Core i7-10710U and Core i7-9750H which means it’s а Comet Lake vs Coffeе Lake battle. The question is in front of us – is the new ULV CPU (i7-10710U) better or the “old” CPU with higher TDP can still do the job?
Let’s check it out.

Quick Specs

As always, prices come first – Intel is selling the Core i7-10710U for $443.00 USD and $395.00 USD for i7-9750H (don’t forget that this is a bulk price for 1000 units). That’s 12% more for i7-10710U. Not a huge difference but let’s continue with the comparison.

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