Intel Core i7-1065 G7 vs Core i7-9750H – Intel’s H-series are still champions of the laptop world

The battle between flagship Core i7s in the laptop world is here. With one of them being part of a completely new line-up, based on a brand new architecture and using only 15W, and the other being based on well-established hardware and employing more cores – who will win? Let’s find out.

Specs overview

First, let’s check out the Core i7-1065 G7 – it has a 10nm lithography, four cores (eight threads) and is a ULV processor. Its cores work at a base frequency of 1.50 GHz and are able to reach up to 3.90 GHz in Turbo mode. In the other corner, there is a significantly more power-hungry Core i7-9750H. It uses 45W of power and is built on a 14nm FinFET architecture. It has a Base clock speed of 2.60 GHz and a maximum Turbo one of 4.50 GHz. Additionally, it has six cores and twelve threads and also 12MB of Cache, whereas its opponent has “only” 8MB.

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