In Win 509 review – a masterpiece suitable for configurations with water cooling

We, like probably many of you, are fond of the gigantic cases. Today, we will introduce you to such a case – In Win 509. The model includes several customization options – a removable panel for storage devices as well as an option for installing up to 8 fans or some radiators for water cooling. Last but not least, this case has RGB lighting in the front part, while the glass side lid allows you to enjoy the configuration you have. This case is suitable for almost all types of motherboards and the configuration which we have combined In Win 509 with has a standard ATX motherboard. In the review, we have also attached an official video that presents the case.

In the next few lines, we will take a look at the retail package, as well as the interior and the location of the elements in the case itself. What’s more, we put it to some temperature tests which we conducted as we loaded the CPU and GPU at 100%.

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