HP Pavilion 17 (2016) review – affordable, powerful, distant from its predecessor

We continue examining the new HP portfolio and the next device down the line is the monstrous HP Pavilion 17 – an affordable and powerful 17-incher that can challenge other, more expensive 17-inch gaming solutions on the market, although it’s not marketed as a gaming laptop. The hardware, however, suggests otherwise so we can easily say that the new beefed-up Pavilion 17 is an excellent multimedia workstation. But that low cost comes at a price you know.

Unlike some more expensive rivals, the Pavilion 17 doesn’t excel in portability – it’s hefty, it’s thick and you may want to skip the part with carrying around the device. Also, the cooling system doesn’t seem to hold up during long periods of heavy workload or gaming, so keep that in mind as well. We can’t really complain all that much, though, since the price point of the product offers excellent price/performance ratio without missing some essentials like IPS display (with optional touch) and M.2 support. Here are our thoughts on the product.

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