HP Omen 15 (2016) Review

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2016 HP Omen 15

HP is a trusted brand–a big US company that’s been around for eons (by tech standards) and makes products that generally work well and are backed by a warranty and support. There’s another element to brand that’s tied to marketing–a company with a clear product line that follows through with what they advertise and laud in their own product range. If you set expectations, you need to maintain them or risk losing consumer trust at the worst, or at the least, confuse the consumer. This is where HP falls, no leaps onto their own sword again and again. They bought the boutique gaming PC company Voodoo 10 years ago (just before Dell bought Alienware), and from this the 2009 HP Envy and 2012 HP Envy 15 gaming/ pro apps laptops were born. They were a good start with a practical mix of metal-bodied elegance and productivity to go up against the 15″ MacBook Pro and some decent gaming chops. After two generations, HP turned the Envy line into yet another of their midrange consumer sub-brands sitting above the Pavilion, and eventually the Envy brand was plastered on everything from less powerful dual core laptops without dedicated (gaming) graphics to all-in-one printers. Oh well, HP simply decided they didn’t want to be in the high end consumer or gaming laptop business, right? No biggie, though a bit unusual when their major competitors have low, mid and high line tiers.

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