HP Envy x360 review: The big-scale convertible

Convertible laptops are multiplying. It’s like they’ve grown reproductive organs and formed their own tribe. But that means there’s something to suit every scale, level of productivity and price point.

The HP Envy x360 isn’t a brand new model. HP been making oversize convertibles under this name since 2014. But for 2016 the x360 is back to assert itself as the pack leader of 15-inch hybrids.

It’ll cost you at least £779/$1168,5, though. The version we’re reviewing here is £949/$1423,5. It’s not exactly cheap, then, but it’s nowhere near the slightly terrifying £1,299/$1,9485 HP Spectre 13 (a laptop that, admittedly, is a lot better looking).

Most of you will know the drill by now. Convertible laptops like this have screen hinges that don’t just stop dead at 135-degrees like most laptops. They carry on until the back of the screen meets the keyboard’s keys, and can sit at angle. It’s the laptop equivalent of one of those infuriatingly fit and flexible people who can do the splits while standing up.

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