HP EliteBook 850 G4 review – HP’s surprisingly expensive business solution

Like in almost every market segment, the high-end business segment is oversaturated with plenty of options to choose from. HP’s EliteBook series have always been there and remain as one of the first go-to options when looking for a business solution. However, today’s standards have changed quite a lot and hard to keep up with the competition. While the EliteBook 850 G4 that we will be reviewing in this piece is seemingly an excellent business solution with plenty of advantages over some of its competitors, it fails to meet our expectations in one key aspect – image quality.

While the inclusion of an IPS panel in a business-oriented laptop isn’t a necessity, it has become a standard for mid-range to high-end notebooks and we are pretty disappointed by the fact that the EliteBook 850 G4 is missing on this. For comparison, the Lenovo ThinkPad T570, Acer’s TravelMate P658 and Dell’s Latitude E5570 are all similarly priced and boast excellent IPS displays with high brightness, great contrast and wide sRGB coverage. They can even be used for multimedia, not only for work. In any case, the EliteBook 850 G4 holds up to the competition with good build quality, great battery runtimes, comfortable input devices and a few other key deciding factors that need to be considered. Read the full review below.

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