How Do I Improve My Battery Life?

You can never be too rich, too healthy or get too much battery life out of your laptop. While you should definitely buy a notebook that gets great endurance out of the box, you should do what you can to squeeze as many hours out of your system as possible. Forum user EvilHamster wants help finding a program that provides a detailed power report so he or she can change settings or activities and improve battery life.

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Windows Energy Report

Fortunately there are several ways to tell what hardware and software are using the most power in Windows. From version 7 on, Windows has a built-in report that measures energy consumption.

To generate this report, you simply run the command prompt as an administrator and type powercfg -energy and then press Enter. The software will then take 60 seconds to do its work and, when it finishes, you’ll have an HTML file called energy-report.html and it will be located in the C:\Windows\system32\ directory.

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