Hands on: Voyo VBook V3 review

The laptop market has now settled down with only two main 2-in-1 designs surviving. There’s the flip-to-transform model, popularised by Lenovo and its Yoga family, and the more traditional keyboard detachable range with theMicrosoft Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book being probably the two best examples in this arena.

That brings us to the Voyo VBook V3, a convertible that looks a lot like the original Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga with its orange colour scheme. We’re fortunate enough to have the Yoga 2 to compare and it’s evident that the VBook V3 has borrowed – nah, copied – the best bits from Lenovo’s three-year-old stunner (see the pair together in the two images below).


The Voyo VBook V3 was provided to us by Geekbuying where it is on sale for £194 (about $250, AU$325) at the time of writing. This is the Wi-Fi version and a 4G variant is also available for £238 (about $310, AU$400).

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