Hands on: Lenovo ThinkStation P310 Tower Workstation review


There was a time when workstations were expected to fit a certain template. They were meant to be big, expensive, noisy, and above all, powerful. For years, your average workstation would stick closely to this formula, but things have evolved, driven partly by the industry’s focus on power efficiency.

One of these new workstations that dares to be different is the Lenovo ThinkStation P310, a relatively tiny (only 25 litres) model that is surprisingly affordable despite offering some cracking features.

The P310 sits below the P410, P510, P710 and the P910, and is Lenovo’s value-offering for the entry-level 3D and 2D CAD/CAM market, offering a serious alternative to high-end desktops thanks to its ISV-certified status.

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