Gigabyte Sabre 17 review

Gaming laptops are usually pricey devices, but if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of power you can end up with a far more affordable machine – such as the new Gigabyte Sabre 17.

This is a mid-range gaming laptop that doesn’t have the most cutting-edge components, but still has enough modern parts to power the latest games with impressive frame rates.

In some ways the mid-range laptop market is the hardest one to crack – you can’t just throw in the most powerful components, without caring too much about price, as is the case with high-end gaming laptops, but you’re also not cutting as many corners as possible, as with budget laptops.

Instead, manufacturers need to find the perfect balance between price and power – veering too much either way can end up being a big turn-off for potential buyers.

So, has Gigabyte managed to pull off this balancing act with the Sabre 17? Read on to find out.

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