Dell Latitude 3300 review – a 13-inch tank for students and small business

Latitude 3300 sits on the bottom end of the Latitude family by Dell. This time, it is not aimed at high-profile businesses and people that need their laptop entirely for work. However, it can be more appealing to students who are in for something durable, that is going to last them throughout the entire day at school, and still has some juice left for entertainment.

This is why, Dell has opted for the yester-year processors, ranging from the Pentium 4415U all the way up to the Core i5-8250U. Additionally, you have the choice of a 768p TN panel and a Full HD IPS display. Despite, aimed at students, this laptop is not one of the cheapest on the market. What then is going to make them buy it? Let’s find out.

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