Chillblast Fusion Fireblade review: Superb gaming PC for the price

Good gaming pace and decent components elsewhere make for a surprisingly affordable high-end gaming PC

The Chillblast Fusion Fireblade is a budget PC. No, honestly. Despite its £1,999 inc VAT price, this rig offers a surprisingly affordable route to high-end 4K gaming. It even has a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti – a component that often costs close to a grand thanks to the popularity of cryptocurrency mining. The MSI-made card is an overclocked model, so its original 1,480MHz clock has been improved to 1544MHz.

The GPU is paired with a new Core i7-8700K Coffee Lake CPU, which means six Hyper-Threaded cores and a 3.7GHz stock speed. However, the Chillblast’s lower budget means there’s no overclock, which is a little disappointing. Instead, you just have Turbo Boost, which gives you a peak of 4.3GHz across all cores and 4.7GHz on one core.

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