Best Laptop Docking Stations – Latest News and Updates (December 2018)

Whether you take your laptop everywhere or always leave it in the house, you want to have the best possible experience when your machine is sitting on your desk, especially if you don’t have enough ports. With a universal dock, you can attach your system to multiple monitors and a wide variety of peripherals with extra USB ports.

Latest News and Updates (December 2018)

  • The Targus Universal DV1K-4K Docking Station is currently $154.99 ($13 off) on NewEgg.
  • We just recently reviewed the new MacBook Air, which happens to only have two Thunderbolt 3 ports. You can save $100 on the MacBook Air during B&H’s current sale.

Depending on your needs, you can find budget docks that will output to dual HD monitors over standard USB, or more expensive docks that have support for USB Type-C and for 4K monitors that will work not only with your current laptop, but also your next one.

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