Asus Vivobook X507UA-EJ215T Review

Asus Vivobook X507UA-EJ215T: Detailed Review

The 15-inch form-factor remains a favourite for many people around the world, serving as a sweet spot between the now mostly defunct 17-inch machine and the much smaller 13-inch (or less) displays. It’s a favourite amongst a very wide range of user groups such as gamers, office staff and even the college goer. The Asus Vivobook X507 is a laptop that comes in variants that are powered by the Intel Celeron and goes all the way up to an Intel Core i3 chip. There’s a decent quantity of RAM and the ability to have both large storage space and speed. The Asus Vivobook 507 looks like a solid machine on paper for the college goer or casual users who’s not really looking to game, but does what’s on paper match the real world performance? We find out.

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