Asus Vivobook X507 First Impressions

Asus India today hosted a joint event with Paytm Mall where they announced the new Vivobook X507, the company’s newest affordable laptop. The Vivobook X507 offers a fairly basic set of features, with fairly basic components running inside the chassis, however, there are some things it seems to do well, and some, that could use improvement. After the launch event, Asus was kind enough to let me get my grubby hands on the machine for some time and I used that time to figure out just how good of a laptop the X507 would be. Sadly, no benchmarks were run due to shortage of time, but I did get enough time to form an initial opinion, which for the most part, is positive.

Basic Specs are Basic

The Asus Vivobook X507 starts at a retail price of Rs. 21,990 and for that, you get a laptop running an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM and a 1TB hard disk drive that spins at 5400 rpm. The screen is a regular TN panel with 720p resolution.

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