Asus ROG Strix (GL50VS-DB71) Review

Asus’ ROG Strix was already a gaming beast, nabbing a vaunted 4 stars in a previous review. But with its latest refresh, the Strix GL50VS-DB71, the $1,699 notebook is gunning for the top of the gaming-laptop mountain. Armed with its new Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU, the 15-inch Strix is now lean, mean and oh, so VR-ready. However, a short battery life and a few other issues keep the Strix from ascending to gaming-laptop glory.


I’m still not sold on the whole nuclear-orange and black motif the Strix has going. But if I put my hue-based prejudices aside, I can admit that it is a handsome machine. The matte-black, brushed-aluminum is stately despite the nearly glowing neon-orange emblem and accompanying darts. Toward the back of the lid is an understated Republic of Gamers logo. The top of the lid is made of black, brushed plastic.

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