Asus ROG Maximus X Hero review: Enthusiast features make the Hero well worth the money

A fantastic Z370 motherboard with all the essential enthusiast features and decent overclocking abilities, all for a reasonable price

While some Z370 boards are pricier than their Z270 equivalent predecessors at launch, Asus’ ROG Maximus X Hero actually costs around the same amount of money. What’s more, the new board appears to offer more features – rather than taking a machete to the specification list. The Maximus IX and X Hero look quite similar, but there are two clear aesthetic differences. The first is the inclusion of a nifty integrated I/O shield, and the other is a large heatsink for one of the two M.2 ports.

It’s one of the better-featured boards, yet the Hero doesn’t cost that much more than cheaper models. It has an enviable set of features compared with less expensive boards too, including the full complement of overclocking and testing tools, from power, reset and clear CMOS buttons to USB BIOS Flashback and an LED POST code display – all absent on the cheaper ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming. The latter sports Wi-Fi, but while this is missing from our ROG Maximus X Hero model, Asus offers another Wi-Fi-equipped version.

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