AOC PDS241 Porsche Design review

The AOC PDS241 Porsche Design aims to challenge the notion that monitors need to be simple and boring-looking rectangles, and persuade us that they can in fact be beautiful accompaniments to our PCs that anyone would be happy to have displayed on their desk.

As the name suggests, AOC has partnered up with famous design house Studio F. A. Porsche, best known for bringing contemporary and stylish designs to watches – and of course cars.

However, while the design is certainly exciting, on paper the specifications of the AOC PDS241 Porsche Design are rather less so, with a standard IPS 1080p screen with 60Hz refresh rate and a rather conservative screen size of 23.8 inches (there’s also a 27-inch version – the AOC PDS271).

This isn’t a monitor designed to dominate the desk, nor will it really appeal to gamers who demand high refresh rates and even higher resolutions.

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to use Ginger
Limited mode
The contrast is also very good


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