A Month with the 2017 MacBook Pro: What I Loved, What I Didn’t

At Laptop Mag, we produce the most-comprehensive laptop reviews, with analysis based on a mix of in-depth testing and hands-on experience, usually completed over a period of days. We test hundreds of systems a year, so after one review is published, we usually put the just-tested laptop away and move on to the next one. We posted our full review of the MacBook Pro 15-inch back in June and gave it 4.5 stars, but personally, I still had questions.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading from my five-year-old 15-inch MacBook Pro and wondering whether the new model is right for me. While the 2017 MacBook Pro’s clicky keyboard has more travel than its immediate predecessor’s, I didn’t know if I wanted to trade away the keys — which have far more movement and comfort — in my 2012 model. Was Apple’s Touch Bar the tappable gift that the company had promoted, or just a gimmick? I used the new 15-inch MacBook Pro for month to find out.

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