NVIDIA TITAN V: 5 features for scientists, researchers, and gamers

Today the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN V was revealed as what the company calls The Most Powerful PC GPU Ever Created. Inside this machine is the newest in NVIDIA GPU architecture – that’s NVIDIA Volta. Today we’re going to break down this advanced piece of machinery into 5 simple parts. That begins with the most obvious bits and pieces right up front: Industrial Design.

1. Golden Industrial Design

Like all NVIDIA graphics cards, this TITAN V has a hearty, sharp look to it. Amongst the handsomest exteriors of PC cards made for graphics superiority, NVIDIA leads the pack. Another example of a beautiful piece of work NVIDIA’s made recently is here: Star Wars TITAN XP.

The TITAN V comes in a new gold die-cast aluminum. Not that you’ll be seeing this GPU a whole lot, unless your PC is constructed in a way that allows you to see all of its innards.

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