5 Reasons You’d Be a Fool to Buy a MacBook Now

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a new MacBook, there’s never been a worse time to buy than right now. With the exception of the underpowered 12-inch MacBook, which was just refreshed last spring, Apple’s notebooks haven’t been updated in years. We expect the company to announce a new laptop lineup within the next few weeks, complete with a host of long-awaited improvements. If you buy a MacBook in the interim, you’re boarding the express train to buyer’s remorse. Here’s why.


1. The current MacBooks are extremely outdated.

If you’re like most people, you’re going to hold onto your laptop for three to five years (or even longer), unless it breaks. If you buy a MacBook that’s long-in-the-tooth today, it will have a giant overbite when you’re still using it as your daily driver in 2019.

Now, think back to spring 2015. Uptown Funk topped the charts, Furious 7 was No. 1 at the box office and Apple offered its most recent and very minor MacBook updates.

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