25 Years of ThinkPad: The Best and Most Innovative

Since 1992, the ThinkPad brand has been synonymous with strong build quality, eye-popping innovations and first-class usability. In the past 25 years, IBM and later Lenovo have released hundreds of different ThinkPad models and sold over 100 million units. Though all of these laptops share a common design language and heritage, several models standout for their unique features. These are the 25 best and most interesting ThinkPads of the past 25 years.

The first laptop that was developed exclusively after Lenovo bought the brand, 2008’s ThinkPad X300 is one of the best laptops ever made by any brand. Though it came out around the same time as Apple’s first MacBook Air, the groundbreakingly-thin and light X300 has serious-productivity features such as a high-res (for the time) screen, a fingerprint reader and a speedy SSD. It even came with a built-in DVD-R drive, which you could replace with a second battery.

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