Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a fully-fledged RPG experience based on Akira Toriyama’s legendary property.  For a certain age group, Dragon Ball Z was a

Oculus Go gets a massive price cut – and it’s here to stay

Facebook has announced a permanent price cut for its standalone Oculus Go virtual reality headset, significantly lowering the entry level for its smartphone-free solution. Following

Half Life: Alyx – Everything we know about the VR exclusive prequel

Valve is making another Half-Life. Yes, you read that right. Half-Life: Alyx is a prequel set in the iconic universe coming exclusively to the medium

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Review

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is a port of a JRPG originally available on Wii U, and stands a chance of finding a whole new

Razer DeathAdder V2 Mouse Review

Razer’s veteran gaming mouse receives an update. Can the longstanding bestseller still compete against the competition? The DeathAdder V2 represents Razer’s latest, and most powerful,

Razer Basilisk V2 Mouse Review

Razer’s latest revision of its popular Basilisk line of wired gaming mice looks good. Can it impress and power itself above the competition? The Razer

Pokemon GO Gen 5 update: Unova new way to trade?

Today we’re looking at a number of Gen 5 Pokemon added to Pokemon GO from the Unova region. The Pokemon GO update schedule suggests that

Winners and Losers: A Segway smash and a fantastic UFO lands

The battleground for the world’s biggest tech firms this week was, of course, CES 2020 in Las Vegas. We’ve seen an amazing variety of wonderful,

Sega Mega Drive Mini Review

Following in the footsteps of Nintendo and Sony, Sega’s first miniature plug-in-and-play console is finally here. But is it any good? What is the Sega

Pokemon GO 5G aims to bring Pokemon to “the real world”

Niantic is working to leverage the oncoming new world of 5G connectivity to allow Pokemon GO to become the primary Pokemon game. The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX remake announced for Switch

It’s been quite some time since we last heard from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, but that’s all about to change. While most of today’s

Hands on: Razer Kishi Review

Is Razer’s controller made for game streaming set for world domination? First Impressions The Razer Kishi is a well-built peripheral that has the potential to

GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller Review – Best For PUBG Mobile

Recently, PUBG Mobile has been updated, but my rank has not been updated. I have not been able to find the reason. I feel that

Yakuza 7: Everything we know about SEGA’s crime-filled sequel

SEGA has finally announced Yakuza 7, the beloved series’ first foray without long-running protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. In all departments, this is a monumental departure for

FIFA 20: Team of the Year – All the players and stats you need to know

A new year is upon us, so it’s time to celebrate the annual Team of the Year tradition across Electronic Art’s popular sporting franchise. For

5 things the Alienware UFO needs to beat the Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X

The Alienware UFO is without a doubt one of the most interesting bits of kit to appear at CES in years. For those that missed

Razer’s Kishi controllers give your smartphone Nintendo Switch skills

Razer announced the Kishi universal mobile gaming controllers at CES 2020, offering compatibility for cloud-gaming with the likes of Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia.

Xbox Series X ports leaked (and not by AMD)

This week AMD’s press conference showed an image of what appeared to be the ports on an early version of the Xbox Series X. The

Shiny Heatran Pokemon GO counters, best CP, and seeking tips

Shiny Heatran is live in Pokemon GO and we’ve got the into you need to find the best ways to counter this fire stomper. The

Dualshock 5: Everything we know about Sony’s PS5 controller

The PS5 is coming in the latter months of 2020, and will bring with it an assortment of enhanced hardware, features and other changes that

Dell Concept UFO, Concept Duet, and Concept Ori are intriguing peeks at future PCs

Dell’s Concept UFO, Concept Duet, and Concept Ori offer a rare peek at future products from the usually tight-lipped PC maker. PCWorld got an advance look

Hands on: Alienware Concept UFO Review

PC gaming meets the Nintendo Switch in this potentially game-changing concept device What is the Alienware Concept UFO? The Alienware Concept UFO is – as

Pokemon GO with 5G clues points to enhanced legendary event

Puzzle pieces dropped by Niantic, 5G data carriers, and Qualcomm over the past couple of years point to a near-inevitable epic event. Given the products

What mobile games are we currently playing? (January 2020)

It’s a new year, and with it comes new mobile games to get into! While a number of us are still playing the usual games

Games We Want to Play in 2020

With all the trailers, sneak peeks, and official announcements in the last year, 2020 is an exciting year for gaming. The PS5 and Xbox Series

Super Mario Party is one of Switch’s biggest missed opportunities

A little over a year ago, Nintendo released Super Mario Party for the Switch. Like many of Nintendo’s franchises, Mario Party is one that’s been

17 new PC games we’re excited for in 2020

With new consoles due to arrive in November, there’s a sizable gap in the 2020 release calendar at the moment—but with Cyberpunk, Dying Light 2,

PS5 and Xbox Series X leaks hint at powerful and expensive consoles

That there are new consoles coming is hardly a secret, especially with Microsoft’s big reveal of the Xbox Series X. Much of the details about

SCUF Prestige review: A customizable Xbox One/PC controller

While many gamers stick with first-party controllers for their consoles, there are plenty of third-party controllers that offer more features. We’ve reviewed SCUF controllers before

Opinion: I’d rather have a PS2 than Google Stadia this Christmas

Okay, Google. This console fan will admit that streaming games from the cloud probably is the future of gaming. Google Stadia is a window into a future of video