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Vizio 2.1 Soundbar SB2021n-G6 Review

It’s rare that we see soundbars in the sub-$200 range, particularly 2.1 systems with wireless subwoofers. The $129.99 Vizio 2.1 SB2021n-G6 is well below $200,

Hisense 65R8F Review

Unlike most TV manufacturers, Hisense doesn’t embrace a single smart TV platform, instead offering your choice of Android TV or Roku TV. The Hisense R8F

Kodak Luma 150 Portable Wireless Projector Review

Small, cute, and extremely portable, the Kodak Luma 150 ($249.99) is a small, rectangular pocket projector, less than an inch tall and 3.9 inches on

Tagg Sonic Angle Mini Review: Loud sound with a compact design

The Bluetooth speaker comes with a price tag of Rs 1,299 and it is available for purchase from the company’s website and Amazon. The speaker

Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs you can buy

See 4K video in all its glory with a brilliant 65-inch TV While it’s certainly not always the case, with TVs the old adage holds

Kodak 43UHDX Smart TV review: is it worth the affordable price tag?

With Xiaomi paving the way for affordable smart TVs in India, there has been an influx of new brands in the market. Today, we even

Onida Fire TV Edition 32-inch TV review: A good smart option at affordable price

Onida was a household brand in the late ’80s and most of the ’90s. However, with the emergence of television from makers such as Samsung

Xbox Series X: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new console

Gamers are eagerly awaiting the next generation of consoles and, so far, Microsoft has offered a lot more information on their machine – the Xbox

Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV Review

Indian television brand Vu only recently launched its Cinema TV range in India, which we praised for the sheer value on offer. That television series

LG HU85LS CineBeam Laser 4K Review

LG’s new laser-driven ultra short-throw projector is an interesting and more affordable living room-friendly alternative to a massive TV The £4860 LG HU85LS CineBeam is

Want the Concept UFO? Alienware says make some noise

It seems like a long time ago when the Alienware Concept UFO was announced at CES 2020, but the manufacturer’s take on the Nintendo Switch

Zappiti One SE 4K HDR Media Player Review

The very definition of comprehensive What is the Zappiti One SE 4K HDR? The Zappiti One SE 4K HDR is an Ultra HD and HDR capable media

boAt Stone 200A Review: Good attempt, but far from perfect

Smart speakers are quickly making their way into our homes. There are two popular options – you can either go for Amazon Alexa-powered smart speakers,

Ambrane Fireboom Review: Two is almost better than one

The true wireless phenomenon is going great. Both casual listeners and audiophiles have countless options to choose from since the past year. But what about

Nokia Smart TV Review: Big on sound just like OnePlus TV

After Motorola’s partnership with Flipkart for the smart TV lineup last year, Nokia followed up with the same strategy as well. Both Flipkart and Nokia

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review: Small, Splendid and Smart

A good Bluetooth speaker is factored by fewer elements than say, a good pair of headphones or truly wireless earbuds. However, that by no means

Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 75 ″ and Mi TV 4A 60 ” Launched In China

Today, several products from Xiaomi and Redmi are being presented. We already met one of the most outstanding: the Redmi Band, which arrives as the

2nd-gen vs. 3rd-gen Echo Dot: What’s the difference?

Amazon’s Alexa-powered third-gen Echo Dot has been out for some time now. So long, in fact, that many of us are probably scratching our heads

MK Sound LCR750 Speaker Package Review

Studio monitor performance without a professional premium What is the MK Sound LCR750? The MK Sound LCR750 is a newly upgraded version of the company’s

JVC DLA-N5 (RS1000) Native 4K Projector Review

There’s nothing entry-level with the performance on offer… What is the JVC DLA-N5? The JVC DLA-N5 is the entry-level native 4K projector in the line-up sitting below

iFi Audio Zen Blue Bluetooth DAC Review

Bluetooth can deliver outstanding results but in order to do that you need the right equipment. Enter iFi with one of the cleverest Bluetooth DACs

LG confirms 4K and 8K OLED TV prices and launch dates for the UK

£1500 for the new 48-inch CX model, due May 2020 Given LG’s OLED success story in recent years, everyone has been keen to know pricing

Hisense H8G Quantum Series (65H8G) review

Exceptional high-end televisions with every feature imaginable come at a price. You can name-check Samsung, Sony and LG – all of whom make great TVs

VIVIBRIGHT L1 Review – 2200LM 480P LED Projector

If you are looking for a mini powerful projector, bring back the VIVIBRIGHT L1 Video Projector. It will be your best choice! The VIVIBRIGHT L1 projector

Samsung set to end LCD panel production later this year

The South Korean giant announced earlier this week that it will sell off its remaining LCD panel production lines by the end of 2020 Reuters

Redmi Smart TV MAX 98-inch Review: First Look about Redmi Giant-screen TV

When Redmi released a 70-inch smart TV last year, the general manager of Redmi set a small goal to “double the size of the 70-inch

Panasonic 4K HDR TV choices compared: HZ2000, HZ1500, HZ1000 OLEDs, plus HX LED TVs

Panasonic is greatly expanding its OLED TV offering this year, along with a new series of 4K HDR LED sets too. Some won’t be available

LG OLED TV choices for 2020 compared: CX, C9, BX, B9 and more

LG has had a long-standing commitment to OLED TVs, having been producing them for years now. It’s slowly been refining its offering, too, and now

What’s the Difference Between a $69 and a $2,000 Phono Preamp?

Your phono preamp is a vital component of your turntable system, even if you don’t know it. Generally the smallest and most affordable, it may


We have seen the launch of a number of TVs in India in the budget segment sporting Android TV and not AOSP. With the upgrade