Nikon announces Z DX 12-28mm F3.5-5.6 PZ VR vlog-friendly wide-angle power zoom

Nikon has announced the Nikkor Z DX 12-28mm F3.5-5.6 PZ VR, a vlogging-friendly, ultra-wide power zoom lens for APS-C cameras. The 12-28mm provides an 18-42mm

How to photograph Christmas lights: capture Yuletide displays in all their glory

No matter where you are in the world, Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. For many, ’tis the season for

Sigma 50mm F2 DG DN Contemporary Sample Gallery

Looking for a small, well-built normal lens? The Sigma 50mm F2 DG DN Contemporary might just fit the bill. Take a look at some of

Leica M11 Monochrom sample gallery

The Leica M11 Monochrom is a black-and-white only variant of the company’s 60MP full-frame rangefinder camera. We had a chance to shoot with the M11

DJI announces the Inspire 3 with a 45MP full-frame camera

DJI has announced the latest offering in its professional drone series, the Inspire 3. The lighter, more aerodynamic design features nine visual sensors for omnidirectional

The Sony ZV-1 II has the lens vloggers wanted all along – at a price

The Sony ZV-1 sits pretty in top spot of our best vlogging camera guide, and three years after its launch its successor has arrived in

This AI-powered Photoshop rival is the end of photography as we know it

Photoshop has been steadily adding AI-powered tools to its menus in recent years, but an incredible new demo from an independent research team shows where

Ricoh announces Pentax K-3 Mark III Monochrome DSLR

Ricoh has announced the Pentax K-3 Mark III Monochrome: a variant of its 25.7MP APS-C DSLR with no color filter array. The K-3 III monochrome

Pentax’s upcoming film camera has got Gen Z written all over it

Ricoh has confirmed that it’s working on a new Pentax compact film camera, with more models on the horizon, as part of its Film Camera

Fujifilm X-S20: latest news, rumors and everything we know so far

We’ve long rated the Fujifilm X-S10 as one of the best cameras for beginners, and its rumored Fujifilm X-S20 successor sounds like it could be

DSLR cameras are dead – even Hasselblad is switching to mirrorless

It’s been said before, but now it feels real: the sun is setting on DSLRs. In fact, it’s twilight.I write this after news from a

Mimeo photo book review: A simple and reliable service

Mimeo photo book: Two-minute reviewIf you find yourself overwhelmed by masses of different designs and product options, then you’ll likely enjoy the simplicity of Mimeo,

Leica Q3 leak shows it’ll have a big bonus for street photography

It’s long been a case of when, rather than if, and now it appears the wait for the rumored Leica Q3 is almost over. The

DPReview TV: The end of DPReview

The latest episode of DPReviewTV is Chris and Jordan’s reaction to the announcement of the site’s closure. Click here to read the official announcement.…Read more to close

[April 7 2023] Click here for updated information After nearly 25 years of operation, DPReview will be closing in the near future. This difficult decision

Fujifilm X-H2 in-depth review

Product images by Richard Butler 89%Overall scoreJump to conclusion The Fujifilm X-H2 is a high-end 40MP APS-C mirrorless camera for both stills and video shooting.

DPReview TV: What is ETTR in photography, and when should you use it?

Using the ‘ETTR’ technique doesn’t cost you a thing and is a great way to improve the image quality of your photographs. Chris Niccolls explains

Panasonic blogs about organic sensor’s improved cross-talk, but doesn’t talk photos

Panasonic claims less spill of light and charge between pixels allows better distinction between colors. Panasonic has published a blog post promoting the claimed benefits

DPReview March Madness, round two results and off-the-wall round three voting

Only 4 matches remain and it’s getting weird Round Two of DPReview March Madness is in the books – we had some wild matchups and

Nikon Nikkor Z 26mm F2.8 sample gallery

Pancakes may not be the most nutritious breakfast, but they sure are a sweet way to start the day. Pancake lenses can also be pretty

CP+ 2023: OM Digital Solutions interview – ‘OM Digital Solutions was reborn as an imaging business’

Shigemi Sugimoto, President and CEO, and Eiji Shirota, Chief Profitability Officer We were in Japan recently for the annual CP+ show in Yokohama, where we

Did you recently get a drone? Here are 5 things you need to know

Sub-250g drones like Holy Stone’s models are considered ‘toys’ in some countries. In the US, you’ll still need to pass a quick and free exam

DPReview TV classics: The best and worst ways to clean your lenses

Chris and Jordan are prepping a few episodes for next week, so in the interim please enjoy this classic episode! Sure you plrbably want to

Film Friday: Xpan ‘Triptych Tokyo’ captures the chaos of city life

Inspiration is all around us, and even old ideas are new when you put your own spin on it. Photographer Takashi Fukukawa says he picked

Review: Holy Stone’s HS710 and HS175D are drones with a ton of limitations

Chances are, if you’re searching for a drone targeted at beginners, DJI’s Mini models might not be at the top of your list. Instead, you