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Hypnotic Photos, Gigantic Lens: Canon RF 800mm F5.6 L Review

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Finally! New Sigma 20mm F1.4 DG DN Art Is Made for Mirrorless

Sigma’s Art series primes are favored by photographers who love the mix of sharpness and punchy, saturated colors. But, now, one of the series’ most

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VSCO Review. Fun and Easy Editing. No Soul-Sucking Algorithm.

Why does everything the Metaverse touches turn into a festering fly magnet? Take Instagram for example. It used to be the ideal platform for photographers

The Best Communities for Photographers in 2022

Let’s be honest, photographers are really annoyed at Instagram. They’ve been considering places like TikTok and more but those are spaces for content creators. Thankfully,

There’s a Special Sony Flash Sale Going On

Until August 14th, there’s a Sony flash sale going on. Want some new glass? Come get it! Considering a new camera? Well, this is probably

How a Flash Fixes Your Old Camera’s Bad Performance

When this was typed into our site’s search engine, I immediately became excited. Yes, a flash can fix almost any sort of bad performance with

Cute Dogs Take Spotlight in Awesome Photos by Craig Turner

“Animals are constantly communicating with us,” says New Zealand-based traveling photographer Craig Turner about his experiences while photographing dogs around the world. He’s made some

Wissem Nasraoui Feels That Any Camera Can Make Great Images

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Our Wishlist for the New OM System OM5

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Tamron Has A New Lens Utility Mobile App Coming Out

Tamron Co. , Ltd. of Japan has just announced the development of a new app called Lens Utility Mobile™. It’s aimed at allowing users to

Laowa 90mm F2.8 2x Ultra Macro Review: This Is Beautiful

While many 1:2 lenses are labeled macro, photography purists consider only lenses with life-size reproduction capability worthy of the macro title. The Laowa 90mm f2.

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Create Beautiful Lens Flare (An Under 600 Word Tip)

There’s a weird problem with moderns lenses. Photographers want cinematic looking photos, but they only get clinical looking lenses. On the cinema side, manufacturers provide