‘Street Fighter 5’ Future DLC Packs May Include Classic Character Costumes

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Fans of the fighting game “Street Fighter 5” will be happy to know future DLC packs may feature classic costumes for some of its game characters. This was confirmed by Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren during the San Diego Comic Con.

Capcom unveiled the game character “Ken Masters” during the San Diego Comic Con, but fans may not be able to recognize the beloved karate fighter given his new look.   According to IGN, the new Ken in “Street Fighter 5” has ditched his classic red karate robe for a tight black top, although the character is still wearing red pants.  Aside from the costume upgrade, Ken also received a new hairdo.  The karate fighter now has his blond locks in a top knot hairdo.

Generally, the game characters in “Street Fighter 5” were given visual improvements but none could be more distinct as Ken’s new look.  Fans who prefer seeing their “Street Fighter” characters in their classic outfits won’t need to fret though.  In an interview with IGN during last week’s Comic Con, Capcom’s marketing director and eSports brand manager Matt Dahlgren mentioned this is something that they’ll be working on in the long run, reports Event Hubs.  Dahlgren added that given the variety of costume choices in “Street Fighter 4,” the same functionality may soon be introduced in “Street Fighter 5.”

This means that a classic Ken attire may be re-introduced in a future DLC pack, states Cinema Blend, along with classic costumes for other characters, except Ryu and Chun-Li.  The two game characters are still wearing their iconic 1990’s attire in “Street Fighter 5.”

Meanwhile, game fans are eagerly awaiting latest news about characters that will make it to “Street Fighter 5.”  So far, confirmed game characters are Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash, and M. Bison.  Aside from Ken Masters, two more fighters made it to the roster.  Special Ops Cammy from the 1993 “Super Street Fighter 2” and British punk rocker Birdie.

“Street Fighter 5” is slated for a March 2016 release and will be available for PS4 and PC.  Meanwhile a PS4 beta exclusive version will be available on July 23, 2015.




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