Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro guide: What you need to know about the new tracker

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Meet the fitness tracker that’s going big on swimming

Thanks to numerous leaks over the past couple of months, including some on Samsung’s own website, we’ve known about the Gear Fit2 Pro for a while – but now it’s official.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro guide

The Fit2 Pro was announced at IFA alongside the Gear Sport, and it follows in its footsteps with 5ATM waterproofing, so you’ll finally be able to track your swimming sessions, unlike the Gear Fit2.

What else do you need to know about Samsung’s next entry in the fitness tracker battle royale? Come along, friends.

Features and build

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro unveiled with swim tracking skills

The big thing you’ll notice about the Fit2 Pro is that it eschews the multiple color options of its predecessor, the Fit2, for two colors: black and black with red trimming. Otherwise, you’ll notice the same beautiful 1.5-inch 216 x 432 curbed AMOLED display.

What you might not notice as much on the hardware front is that it’s a little heavier than the Fit2, coming in at a larger 33g rather than the Fit2’s 28g. In our hands-on time with it, we actually found the Fit2 Pro to be very comfortable.

By default, you’ll get a rubber strap alongside that colorful screen. These straps also have some light design touches on them, though it’s nothing too extravagant. You will be able to switch them out for other 20mm bands if you’d like.

All this hardware is powered by Tizen once again, which will give you access to up to 3,000 apps, including ones from the likes of Spotify with support for a new offline playback mode. Just like the new Gear Sport. You’ll also get 4GB of storage for your own music, should you want to go that route.

As for battery life, there’s still a 200mAh battery, so you can expect around three to four days, 9 hours if you’re relying on GPS tracking. In the sensor department, it’s more of the same. There’s still GPS and GLONASS, with automatic exercise tracking and a heart rate sensor for heart rate reading and zones. And, of course, that aforementioned 5ATM waterproofing, which opens up a whole new area of fitness tracking.

Fitness tracking

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro unveiled on Samsung's website

The biggest new activities you can track with the Fit2 Pro are water-based. That 5ATM waterproofing will get you up to 50 meters, so you’ll be able to track lap count, lap time and stroke type, with the key Olympic strokes all represented.

All of these swimming statistics can be used to calculate SWOLF, a metric used to measure your swimming efficiency. You’ll have to set the size of the pool before, but we found that easy enough. When you do, you’ll be able to review your stroke length.

Samsung is going a little further on swim features, supporting Speedo’s Speed On platform to record statistics, which can also be viewed directly on that vibrant display. Aside from swimming, you’ve got dedicated modes for running and cycling, and support for Under Armour’s full suite of apps, like MyFitnessPal, UA Record, MayMyRun, and Endomondo pre-installed.

The other big addition to fitness tracking is continuous heart rate monitoring, so you’ll be able to keep track of your heart beat all day long. You’ll get your peaks and lows for the day, and you’ll also get to see your resting heart rate, but it’s unclear if you’ll be able to track it as you get more fit.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SAMSUNG GEAR FIT2 PRO

Price and release date

Surprisingly, and unlike the Gear Sport, the Gear Fit2 Pro is roaring and ready to go for your wrists. It starts shipping 15 September in the US and 14 September in the UK for $199.99, which is a $20 premium over the previous Fit2.




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