Rockstar’s generous solution to GTA 5 money glitches

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Ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto V game developers Rockstar have become increasingly frustrated with gamers bending the rules, and unearthing money glitches. However, now it would seem that a rather generous solution has come to fruition.

The problem that Rockstar has with glitches of this kind are obvious, they want consumers to pay for in-game cash rather than cheating. The Rockstar store offers all sorts of different gaming packages whereby people can purchase in-game credit and use it to enhance their gaming experience, although countless glitches have been found and exploited.

As a matter of fact, this news comes just after our recent coverage of the latest “GTA money scam,” as gamers have found yet another way to cheat the system.

Rockstar's generous solution to GTA 5 money glitches

In a rather incentivized maneuver Rockstar has announced that gamers playing the Prison Break Heist will receive double the amount of payout, and double the amount of RP starting from July 16th through to the 19th. It would seem that this response is aimed at players that are trying out glitches (which in most cases are pretty boring,) in an attempt to push the idea of enjoying earning cash, as oposed to cheating…

For the people that have not yet played the Prison Break heist don’t feel too upset, Rockstar has also added RP bonuses for a wide selection of other missions and challenges too!

GTA Online heists require a large planning room as well, so if you are planning on buying a house we strongly recommend that you see if your desired property includes one. It is also believed that Rockstar has also made cuts in property prices across the board too, which is pretty good news for gamers that are just getting started on GTA Online.

If you like these new tweaks but would rather be reading about an awesome money glitch :

“” Money glitches have been patched up time after time by Rockstar in an attempt to give gamers a level playing field, but now it would seem that the new “Ill-Gotten Games pt.2” update has allowed for yet ANOTHER money cheating scam.

Many gamers might well remember previous glitches involving “rat loaders” and such, but this new glitch is a little different. Basically, it all starts with 9 cars in your garage, preferrably using the Unit 2 Popular St. garage. One of the cars in the garage must be a duplicate of another, and the gamer must drive one of those cars out of the garage. Then, destroy the aforementioned car with a grenade, with the player inside.

GTA 5 gamers unearth new money glitch

After the player respawns they should steal a car immediately from a nearby road, then proceed to call Mors Mutual Insurance using the in-game phone. While the phone call is active and the pop-up is still visible, the player must drive the stolen vehicle into their garage, crucially, holding the brake and accelator at the same time. Finally, press X or A (depending on your console) after releasing the brake.

Obviously with any glitch their is a chance that it won’t work a few times (usually the first time,) but if successful the insurance will have worked out, while the stolen vehicle will be part of the gamer’s garage. Then, the gamer must go into the job lobby and restock on grenades.

Finally, exit that lobby and go back to the vehicle that was destroyed earlier and it should be alright to drive that same vehicle back into your garage.

Talking through glitches can be a bit confusing, therefore if you would prefer to watch the video walkthrough a YouTube user has posted the following video clip:

Everybody seems to love money glitches, apart from Rockstar of course and they are still yet to comment on a potential fix. However, they have addressed another issue that we reported earlier this week regarding slow frame rate issues.

Rockstar said: “We have received reports of lower framerate in GTAV and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC, and we are looking into these reports now. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page.””




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