Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker UPDATE 2017

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Give your Fitbit a unique look with these stylish upgrades

Fitbit is still leading the wearable field when it comes to jazzing up fitness trackers, helping it become your wrist companion for any occasion.

It’s not just official designer collaborations, either, with many third parties creating accessories so you can keep it subtle or show it off the way you see fit.

Top Fitbit accessories for your tracker

The original Fitibit Flex was one of the first trackers to receive a bevy of personalisation options, but there’s now also plenty of official customisations for the Blaze, Alta HR, Charge 2 and Flex 2. And we’ve collected together some of the top Fitbit accessories, straps and jewellery to inject a bit more personality into your wearable, for all tastes and price budgets.

Fitbit Blaze accessories

Fitbit Blaze 22-karat gold edition

Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

If you like the look of the 22-karat, gold-plated stainless steel Blaze, you can buy the frame as an accessory for your existing tracker. Choose from either a pink or a black band to complement the “satin finished” fancy frame or go for the silver (coloured) stainless steel look instead.


Fitbit Blaze Gunmetal edition

Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

The Fitbit Blaze is available in a sleek all-black Gunmetal edition as a handsome upgrade to the smart fitness watch. You’ll get a whole set that includes the band, frame and tracker for £159.99, which is a healthy snip from its original price.


Fitbit Blaze anklet extension

best fitbit accessories

A useful Blaze accessory for cyclists or anyone that wants to improve step tracking accuracy, the custom made strap will let you wear the fitness tracker around your ankle. Available in black, orange, purple, bright blue or grey, it comes in standard (adds 2-inches) or extra long (adds 4-inches) options letting you discreetly monitor wherever you go.


Vekson Milanese strap

best fitbit accessories

Fitbit does offer its own array of Blaze metal frames, but if you wanted to save some money, there’s some decent third party alternatives like this Apple Watch-esque number. The stainless steel band still gives off that suit-friendly vibe and features a metal buckle that should ensure your Blaze does not budge from your wrist.

£21.99/$33, Amazon

Awinner replacement USB charger

best fitbit accessories

More of an essential than adding some personality to the Blaze, it’s always nice to have a spare charger to throw in your bag – especially if you travel a lot. This third party charger works in exactly the same way as the official one. So you still need to pop out the Blaze screen from the frame and trap it inside the small cradle. It might not be as exciting as a stylish strap, but it could prevent you staring down at your wrist and seeing that red battery status bar.

£3.59/$6, Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 accessories

Leather band

Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

There’s not a whole lot of Charge 2 accessories out there compared to the fashion-forward trackers, but you can pick up the genuine leather band from Fitbit in indigo, blush pink or brown. Switch into this one when you’ve finished your workout, there’s no point getting it sweaty or dirty.


Fitbit Alta accessories

Public School Axis

Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

Fitbit is adding more designers to its growing collection with the Public School partnership. And we’ve got some left-field creations from the fashion label, including Axis, the hand-polished, stainless steel watch frame that holds the Alta (and we presume the Alta HR) in the middle like some kind of future jewellery. Not cheap.


Public School Type III Paracord bracelet

Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

We’re also a fan of this braided nylon paracord bracelet for the Alta, again from Public School. It only comes in black right now, but the military styling will give your tracker a hard edge without playing up the fact you’ve got a gadget on your wrist.


Tory Burch

best fitbit accessories tory burch

Tory Burch has already been a name associated with Fitbit and you’re now able to find Alta accessories with the TB touch as well. Crafted elegantly, the designs are meant to turn your tracker into a discreet bracelet with a metal chain link bracelet teased.



Aside from the aforementioned designer choices, you can’t go wrong picking up another classic band in a new color. They’re placed at the lower end of the price spectrum and look sporty in black, blue, plum and teal.



Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

There’s the leather Luxe bands to consider, as well. Worn during part of our review, the band is comfy and durable. Bonus points for making the fitness tracker look sleek and professional. The Luxe collection has also added a Camel Leather Accessory for gentlemen, which is lovely.


Metal band

For a higher end look, you can go the metal band route. It’s still a fashionable accessory and adds a premium feel you don’t get from the classic model. However, it’s also a bit more costly.


Fitbit Flex & Flex 2 accessories

Fitbit Pendant

Essential Fitbit accessories to personalise your activity tracker

Taking cues from Tory Burch (below) but not part of the designer collection is this pendant accessory for the Flex 2, available in silver or 22-karat gold plated stainless steel. Bear in mind that auto sleep tracking and Smart Track features won’t work when your Flex 2 is in the pendant necklace.


Griffin Uptown band

Staying on the stylish front, Griffin’s Uptown band is a double-wrap leather band to hide away the Fitbit Flex’s little sensor. There’s cutout to let you view the display and it’s available in brown or black shades with adjustable metal snaps to keep it in place.

£17/$26, | Amazon

Creek Reflections leather bracelet

There’s ways for guys to conceal their tracking too. Step forward the leather wristband that’s handmade and keeps the Fitbit Flex’s sensor held in place inside a small silver box. You can pick out the stone that sits in front of the tracker and it’s transparent so you can still see the illuminating lights. It’s tracking with absolutely no ugly plastic in sight.


Griffin Ribbon wristbands

best fitbit accessories

If the thought of a plastic wristband immediately makes your skin crawl, then this softer option from Griffin might be more up your street. They’re in the style of ribbons and are designed to look like high-end hair ties. They come in a huge range of colours and allow you to secure your Fitbit Flex or your Fitbit One into a secure, spandex pocket at the back.

£4.99/$7, | Amazon

The Friendly Swede silicone fasteners

best fitbit accessories

If you’ve got a Fitbit Flex and find it comes open on its own a lot – a common complaint amongst some Fitbit-lovers – then these tiny, candy-like fasteners are exactly what you need. Made from a colourful silicone, they’re designed to keep your Fitbit Flex in place. You buy 12 at a time, which is great if you want to switch out some of the colours and create different effects.

£5.49/$9, | Amazon

Fitbit accessories for Zip and One

Zipband accessory wristband

If you have a Fitbit Zip and want to wear it on your wrist instead of on your belt, shoe, bra or in your pocket, then head on over to Wocase for some colourful wristband options.

£5.99/$9, WoCase | Amazon

Oneband Accessory Wristband

While we’re at it, if you want the Fitbit One on your wrist too, the guys at Wocase have you covered too.

£7.99/$12, | Amazon

Afunta Charging Cables for Fitbit

Fitbit does sell charging cables on its website, but you can pick up some unofficial versions for the Flex, the Charge and the Charge HR on Amazon. Many come in twin packs, which is ideal for keeping one at home and one at work. There are many different brands selling them on Amazon, and is an affordable solution to the problem of remembering to carry that charging cable everywhere you go.





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