‘Dragon Quest 8: Journey Of The Cursed King’ For 3DS Introduces New Dungeon, Ending, Camera Features

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On Thursday, August 6, Jump Magazine revealed new features for the forthcoming 3DS version of “Dragon Quest 8: The Journey of the Cursed King.” The game will feature a new ending, dungeon and a camera mode, all available for its Japanese release on August 27.

“Dragon Quest 8” has long been released for the PlayStation 2 on 2004 but the latest Nintendo 3DS version will be out later this month. As of this moment, fans can expect a new ending and a dungeon for the upcoming release. Destructoid reported that the recent updates were featured in the latest issue of Jump Magazine. It was then shared online via Twitter by @kazu4281 last Thursday, August 6.

According to IGN, no exact details about the ending were revealed just yet, but reports claim that it will include “surprise developments,” “an angry King Clauvius,” and “a sad protagonist.” Moreover, the 3DS version will also include a new dungeon called the “Ultimate Trial.” Once the players have completed the game, they can unlock the new dungeon and explore for “purple treasure chests.”

In addition, the upcoming “Dragon Quest 8” for the Nintendo 3DS will make full use of the gadget’s SD card and its StreetPass functionality. Stated by RPGFan, gamers can use the camera mode to capture photos of in-game scenes, including the main character and its party. The video game features new Photo Quests that tasks players to gather photos of rare items, characters, monsters and landmarks. According to reports, the photos are stored in the device’s SD card which enables future modification, Photo Postcard option, and photo sharing via StreetPass or the internet.

Square Enix first released “Dragon Quest 8: The Journey of the Cursed King” for the PS2 in 2004 for the Japanese release and in 2005 for the Western release. Following the announcement earlier this year, the 3DS version will be available in Japan starting August 27.




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