1MORE Quad-Driver In-Ear and Triple-Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review

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1MORE might be an unfamiliar brand name for most of us as the company was founded just a few years ago in China. They are trying to expand globally and a notable investor is Xiaomi. And similar to Xiaomi, 1MORE is trying to release premium quality headphones at mid-range prices.

I have a chance to try two of their headphones released in the US, the triple-driver over-ear and quad-driver in-ear headphones.

1MORE Triple-Driver Over-Ear Headphones

The headphones come in a hard case along with the audio cable and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. The cable is removable and it is connected to both of the earcups. I’m quite impressed with the design of the over-ear headphones. It has a solid build although some parts are made of plastic. The earcups look truly beautiful with aluminum alloy housings and when you look at the sides, you can see the bass reflectors underneath a clear plastic surface. Another advantage is that the earcups can be folded inwards for better storage and transportation.

The 1MORE headphones are not really comfortable to wear, especially during extended listening sessions. Although the clamping pressure is just adequate, the space inside the earcups are fairly cramped and the earpads often sit on my outer ears. It doesn’t cause any discomfort but it makes my ears sweaty after a while. This is not a problem if you’re wearing the headphones in cool places.

In terms of audio quality, the 1MORE over-ear headphones actually sound much better than I expected. That is a full sound with a heavily boosted bass response. The highs have very good details but they become a little harsh sometimes. The mids are slightly recessed, so they make the vocals and some instruments less present. However, I still love the soundstage of the headphones and it’s difficult to imagine they are closed-back headphones.

These are obviously not built for audiophiles but the sound is so rich and entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to justify the price tag of $249 because there are a lot of better-sounding headphones for less than $200.

1MORE Quad-Driver In-Ear Headphones

Between the two headphones, the in-ear ones are much more attractive from the inside out. The quad-driver headphones come in a nice packaging including tons of accessories like a leather traveling case, an airline adapter, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter, a shirt clip, and 9 sets of ear tips.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 1MORE Quad-Driver In-Ear and Triple-Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review

I don’t have to change ear tips since the installed ones fit my ears perfectly. I always had problems with in-ear headphones as they drop out easily, however, the 1MORE earpieces fit snugly and don’t get loose even after a few hours. They do not only feel comfortable but also can isolate noises very well.

The headphones really look like a premium product as they feel weighty and the exterior is made of aluminum. More importantly, they use a carbon dynamic driver and 3 balanced armatures inside each earpiece. The balanced armatures handle high and ultra-high frequencies and they might contribute to the amazing soundstage of the headphones. Again, soundstage is the most impressive feature of the 1MORE headphones. You can’t believe such a spacious sound could come from those tiny earpieces.

The sound signature of the headphones is similar to the over-ear headphones above. 1MORE still emphasizes the bass response but the mids have much better depth and details. I still can hear distortion sometimes but they work fine most of the time. Overall, if you’re considering between the two headphones, the in-ear ones are the way to go.

(techwalls.com, http://bit.ly/2MZvjYl)



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