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Xbox All Access: What you need to know

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a new way to buy an Xbox One console called Xbox All Access. Instead of requiring you to drop hundreds of

Wooting One Review

Our Verdict The Wooting One brings a highly useful innovation to mechanical keyboards with the implementation of analog input. Not only does it work but

Should I Wait for the PS5 or Buy a PS4 Pro Today?

Should I wait for the PS5 or buy a PS4 Pro today? This is a question that I hear from friends, family and coworkers and it’s something

How to connect your Android phone or tablet to your HDTV

No matter how big your Android smartphone or tablet display, there are times when you’ll want to view your photos and videos on something even

Anker Nebula Capsule review: The best portable projector, but it’ll cost you

Last year, mobile accessory company Anker released its first portable projector, the Nebula Mars. It was roughly the size of a lunch box, with powerful

Roku Ultra vs Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield: Face-Off

Streaming dongles are more powerful and affordable than ever, but if you want a truly premium viewing experience, a full-fledged box is the way to

Xbox One X Review

PROS High quality console performance Form factor smaller and more slick than predecessors Backwards compatible with a wide variety of games Compatible with previous Xbox

Basic Home Theater AV Set Up Guide – Hooking It All Up

So, you bought a home theater system? Great! Watching a movie on a properly set up surround sound system, or listening to your music through

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset review

We have to hand it to Sony. We love when console manufacturers pack at leasta very basic headset with each and every console they ship

Razer Raiju Controller review

Third party controllers have had a bad reputation in the past. It’s not that they’ve been particularly bad, but they’ve been the kinds of controllers

GameSir G3S Enchanced Edition Review

The market is flooded with Bluetooth controllers, but this one caught my eye due to its multiplatform support and mostly due to the fact it

LucidSound LS30 Review : wireless gaming headphones that don’t look ridiculous

I’m not the sort of person who shies away from slime green headphones – but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a pair of muted

Apple VR investigation: Why a virtual reality headset is on the cards

2016 will be remembered as the year that real VR landed. TheOculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR will grab the headlines, and don’t forget

Alienware Steam Machine Review

THE GOOD Attractive interface Lots of great games Good performance THE BAD Expensive Peripheral limitations Not as robust as either a console or a gaming

Xbox One Elite controller review: A better gamepad at a steep price

Is a gamepad worth $150? That’s the question Microsoft is asking with the Xbox One Elite controller, a revamp of its almost two-year-old paddle that

3 things to know about the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

Windows gaming fans and Xbox gaming fans might argue about whose platform is better, but they generally agree on Microsoft’s controllers. Until now, though, if

New PS4 controllers, hard drive covers come in plenty of colors

Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference was fairly low-key, but they still managed to make several hardware-related announcements. Along withPlayStation VR becoming the official name

November Xbox One Update brings Xbox 360 game support

November marks one of the most anticipated updates yet for the Xbox Onegame console. The big new feature that the update will add to the

Destiny’s new multiplayer features go free to try for one week

On September 15th, the next big expansion to Destiny will see release. TitledThe Taken King, it will of course feature a number of new player-vs-enemy

Metal Gear Solid V custom PS3 shows true depth of obsession

his week we’re not the only ones getting pumped up about the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. One fan has gone

Next month Comcast will turn off the Xbox 360 app Netflix hated

When it launched in 2012, Comcast’s Xfinity Xbox 360 app became a lightning rod for controversy. That’s because to some (like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings)

PlayStation 4 still on top in July, says NPD

Microsoft may have wowed the crowd at Gamescom early this month, and may even have won hearts, but Sony is still winning wallets, at least

What Happened to Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox Live? New Updates and Information Available

The transition from single player arcade games to online multiplayer was heavily sought out by fans as consoles got better and games got better. Tired

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ news, updates: Graphic enhancements and optimizations are on the way

Upon the unveiling of the game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,” the developer Treyarch promised to invest heavily on the PC version of the

Adrenaline overload: 6 hot upcoming games

Here is a sneak peek of the action games that will rule your console in the coming months For ultimate gamers, this year has brought

Destiny The Taken King DLC Launch Nerfs Gjallarhorn, Fans Less Than Pleased

Since The Taken King has been announced, it seems as if Bungie has done nothing but annoy the people it most needs. It’s possible quite

Black Ops 3’s PS4 beta exclusivity may be just five days

Activision and Treyarch recently revealed that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta will be released on PlayStation 4 first. It looks like

‘Transformers: Devastation’ looks like a playable ’80s cartoon

Will Transformers: Devastation be any good? Don’t know, don’t care. Look at this thing. Devastation seems like an old-school beat ’em up coated in the skin of

I played ‘Minecraft’ with Microsoft’s HoloLens

“Try to look straight,” a Microsoft employee tells me in a bright, cheery tone. I’m staring through an unusual pair of binoculars — the kind

Minecraft: Story Mode, Windows 10 Beta coming soon to an OS near you

This year’s MINECON has just happened, a continuing testament to the culture that has grown and flourished around this unexpected hit game. And to grace