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1. Introduction Windows phone models aren’t that many, which makes sense as the platforms has a market share of less than 2%. Among those phone

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Microsoft has thought long and hard about how all its disparate hardware exists and has come up with Windows 10 to bring it all together.

Three Lessons From Microsoft’s Windows Phone Misadventures

With last week’s write down of $7.6 billion, Microsoft has finished the chapter of its corporate career marked ‘Nokia’, and arguably the book titled ’Windows Phone’. With

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Rarely does a gadget’s name quite so well describe its nature, as is the case with the HTC Titan. A huge 4.7-inch display packed into

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There’s a whole lot riding on the Lumia 800. Nokia’s first Windows Phone and the handset that will usher in – so the company hopes

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The new Samsung Focus Flash may not be the most impressive device we’ve seen lately, but it does offer an overall decent value and comes

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ZTE isn’t a name most smartphone shoppers would recognize, but the company has ambitions to change all that with the ZTE Tania. A 4.3-inch Windows

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Over the last year Nokia’s had something of a tumultuous time in the mobile industry. While still a power to be feared in the featurephone