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Apple Watch Series 3 review

The Good: Cellular connection works well for phone calls, email, Siri and messages. Music now syncs more easily. Improvements in fitness tracking and added watch faces.

Apple watchOS 4: Hands on with the Apple Watch’s smart new skin

Getting our fingers on Apple’s new Watch OS Apple took the wraps off watchOS 4 back at WWDC, revealing a new look for the Apple

Apple watchOS 4 hands-on First look : Getting our fingers on Apple’s new Watch OS

Hands on with the Apple Watch’s smart new skin Apple has taken the wraps off watchOS 4, revealing a new look for the Apple Watch

macOS Sierra Review

When we reviewed OS X El Capitan last year, we wondered why Apple had yet to bring Siri, its digital assistant, to the desktop. It’s

Apple watchOS 3 release date, news and features

Watch OS 3 beta has brought changes to Apple’s smartwatch. Update: The Watch OS 3 release date is expected in two months, as Apple Watchapp

AsteroidOS can run on some Android Wear smartwatches

There are several smartwatch operating systems out there today. A number of the wearables available right now run Android Wear. A new watch OS has

Android Wear review: The smartwatch platform?

For Regular updates bring new features, hardware and software gains, widening app support, lots of devices to choose from Against Some unusual design elements, feels

iOS 9, Watch OS 2, OS X 10.11 El Capitan updated to Beta 3 for developers

Apple’s third beta software has been delivered to developers for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac computers with iOS 9, Watch OS 2, and

Apple WatchOS 2 Beta 2 released with updates for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

This week Apple released three big updates to their Beta software to developers for multiple devices. This includes Apple’s OS X 10.11 El Capitan Beta

Apple Watch 2 details begin to pop up – already

Now that the Apple Watch has reached Apple Stores for the first time yesterday, now not 24 hours later we’ve got details on the second

Just what the Apple Watch needs: its own Flappy Bird clone

You may have finally escaped your Flappy Bird addiction from when it was dominating your smartphone screen, but image playing it in a new, simpler

As WWDC ends, the mood in the trenches is neighborly

Apple’s WWDC is over for another year, and as the dust settles on the iOS 9, Apple Music, and OS X El Capital launch, it’s

Apple Watch hacked to run “true” native apps

Developers hack the Apple Watch to allow apps to run on UIKit, the software bones of the smart wearable device. While Apple has provided the

Apple Watch users wanting to downgrade watchOS run into problems

Apple Watch users unhappy with changes brought by upgrading watchOS to 1.0.1 are becoming frustrated by difficult, drawn out procedures to downgrade their firmware. Apple

Apple Watch OS updates include Reply to Email, FaceTime Audio

This week Apple Watch is getting a rather large update just a few weeks after its first hardware was released. Included is a way to