Chord Mojo + Poly Review

Pros Sounds incredible As good at home as on the go Beautifully built Choice of compatible apps Support for most major streaming services Cons Case

Tannoy Arden review

PROS Outstanding imaging and incredible scale Unfussy about placement Useful treble trim control Easy to drive CONS Need plenty of room KEY FEATURES Dual-concentric driver

Piega Classic 5.0 review

Two things strike us when we first listen to the Piega Classic 5.0 speakers: the large scale of the sound, and the clarity of each

Best Floorstanding Speakers of 2017

Serious about your speakers? Then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Floorstanding speakers have one of the most recognizable profiles of all speaker

Marantz HD-AMP1 review

PROS Premium-grade construction Elegant retro design Open, transparent sound with insightful treble Warm, well-integrated bass CONS No network streaming or Bluetooth KEY FEATURES 70W per

Sonus Faber Homage Amati Tradition Hand-on Review

KEY FEATURES 3.5-way driver configuration 4Ohm impedance 2x 220mm woofers 150mm mid-range driver 28mm tweeter Manufacturer: Sonus Faber Review Price: £23,500.00/$35,250.00 A CLOSER LOOK AT

Tannoy Mercury 7.4 review

A big sound for big rooms, but flaws across the board don’t make for an easy listen.. Verdict A big-sounding budget floorstander, but this speaker

Piega Classic 3.0 review

Never heard of Piega? We wouldn’t blame you, particularly if you live in the UK. This Swiss speaker manufacturer was founded back in 1986, but


WAVE RIDER   The small Core powered loudspeaker from Mass Fidelity uses waveform synthesis to produce a huge walk-around sound. Jon Myles listens in and

Quad Artera Play & Artera Stereo review

Verdict A compact system that can go big and loud, but lacks the ability to really draw us in For Big scale from a small

Tannoy Mercury 7.2 review

PROS Clear, neutral sound Weighty bass Classy design and robust build CONS Could be more insightful Vinyl finish lacks luxury KEY FEATURES 1-inch multi-fibre coated

Dali Opticon 6 review

Verdict They aren’t the perfect all-rounder, but there are few more enthusiastic or entertaining speakers on the market For Bold and expressive Great balance with

Tannoy Eclipse 3 review

Verdict Great budget floorstanders have been a rarity of late. These Tannoys are the most talented we’ve heard in years For Agile and articulate presentation

Tannoy HTS 101 XP review

Pros Stylish design and robust build quality Room-filling sound from small cabinets Deep bass and crisp detail Cons Treble could be more natural Sats’ limited

Tannoy Mercury Vi review

Pros Highly detailed and cohesive sound Good sense of scale A lot of speaker for the money Cons Sugar Maple finish and dull design Subwoofer

Monitor Audio Airstream A100 review

Pros Powerful, composed sound Stunning design and build AirPlay and Airstream Direct support Cons No Bluetooth Non iOS devices tricky to setup Gappy USB playback

Philips Fidelio E5 review

Pros Offers true surround sound without clutter Stylish design and solid build quality Big soundstage and superb detail clarity Generous features and connections Cons Thin-sounding

Tannoy BaseStation One review

Pros Solid build quality Deep, room-filling sound Terrific detail and clear midrange Cons Basic operation and poor remote Bulky, unglamorous cabinet No HDMI sockets Key

Optoma HD50 review

Verdict It’s not the perfect home cinema experience, but there’s plenty to like about the Optoma’s rich, bright and colourful approach For Punchy, bright picture

Roth NEO 6.2 SoundCore review

Pros Four HDMI inputs Dynamic sound with terrific composure and detail Excellent remote Cons Underwhelming bass output Unhelpful front LED display Chunky design Key Features:

Denon AVR-X3100W review

Pros Excellent range of features Exciting sound with lots of detail Superb onscreen menu Cons Occasionally brash No Dolby Atmos Key Features: 7 x 180W

Cambridge Audio TV5 review

Pros Refined, well-balanced and detailed sound Powerful, punchy bass output Robust build quality Cons No-frills design No HDMI inputs No text-based readout Key Features: 2