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Zotac Magnus EN1060 review

OUR VERDICT Are you short on places to put a PC, but not lacking in money required to buy one? If so, this miniature PC

13 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Gaming Computer

We’ve said it a thousand times, or at least a half dozen anyway, but shopping for computers remains a daunting task for many. There’s a

Hands On with ASUS ROG Avalon : A Teardown Video

During Computex 2016, as part of their 10-Years of the Republic of Gamers’ celebrations and showcase, ASUS surprised me with a new take on the

Zotac NEN Steam Machine review

PROS Great design Solid performance Upgradable CONS Overpriced SteamOS isn’t good enough KEY FEATURES SteamOS Intel Core i5-6400T CPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 GPU Bundled

Alienware Steam Machine Review

THE GOOD Attractive interface Lots of great games Good performance THE BAD Expensive Peripheral limitations Not as robust as either a console or a gaming

Steam Controller review

Pros Touchpads add a new dimension Able to play strategy games Soild buttons and analogue stick Cons Not as precise as a mouse and keyboard

Alienware Alpha review: almost the Steam Machine you’re looking for

It’s hard to describe the Alienware Alpha. On the surface, it’s a small-form gaming PC, custom-built from laptop components to fit in your entertainment center.