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Best Tablet 2017: 9 best tablets you can buy

There’s plenty of choice in tablets these days and our best tablet round-up includes all the ones you should seriously consider, like the best iPads

Google Pixel C review

PROS Decent keyboard Super-sharp screen Robust design Killer performance and battery CONS Lack of optimised apps No touchpad Expensive KEY FEATURES Optional keyboard Nvidia CPU

UMi Super Review (Euro Edition)

PROS Competitive specs straddling mid and high range Fast charging right out of the box Near vanilla Android experience Choice between on-screen or capacitive navigation

Onda OBook 20 Plus Review

Pros Design Stylish keyboard GPU Advanced Media Streaming Options Windows 10 and Android 5.1 Cons Processor Battery Our passion of reviewing dual OS tablets is

The best cheap tablets of 2016 – reviewed

The world’s awash with affordable tablets. But which is the best? And which should you avoid like week-old sushi? We love the new smaller iPad

Blaze Tab review

Pros Physical gaming controls Impressive emulation platform Acts like a tablet as well as a games console Cons D-Pad is terrible Screen is poor quality

There might be a Tegra X1 NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet after all

Just last week, NVIDIA put out a new SHIELD Tablet, this time with “K1” appended to its name. It might have disappointed many who have

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 review

Pros Excellent price Stunning screen Strong game store Robust and sleek design Cons Fingerprint magnet No cables included Key Features: 8-inch 1920x1200p IPS display; 16GB

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 vs Shield Tablet (2014): What’s the difference?

A year on from releasing its first Android tablet geared mainly for gaming, Nvidia has followed up the Shield Tablet with the Shield Tablet K1.

Tstand Review: what may be iPad Pro’s strange and secret hero

This week we’ve been working with the Tstand, a tablet holder that’ll allow you to use your tablet without cranking your neck or your knees.

Xiaomi Mi4 review

Pros Smart design Outstanding value Very fast Cons No 4G on this version No microSD slot Import challenges Key Features: Snapdragon 801, 2.5GHz; 5-inch 1080p

Acer targets tablet gamers with Predator 8: Hands-on

Acer teased us with a mighty Android gaming tablet a few months back, and now it’s time for the Acer Predator 8 to take the

Lenovo Tab 2 A8 review: A bare-bones budget buy

THE GOOD The Lenovo Tab 2 A8 is an affordable tablet for surfing the Web, checking email and streaming video. The preloaded Dolby app significantly

There’s a chance your Nvidia Shield tablet may catch on fire

  The Nvidia Shield tablet is a gaming powerhouse that might just be the hottest handheld games console on the market, literally speaking. That’s because

NVIDIA issues Shield tablet recall for overheating batteries

  If you’re an owner of NVIDIA’s Shield tablet and you notice it’s feeling a bit warmer than usual, you should probably turn it off