Sennheiser Momentum

Skullcandy Method Wireless review

PROS Low price Decent sound quality Light CONS Slighly cheaper wired pairs sound better KEY FEATURES 9-hour battery life Bluetooth 4.1 Micro USB charging Manufacturer:

House of Marley RISE BT review

PROS Robust bass Stylish design Easy setup More affordable than competitors CONS Bass can often be overpowering Dull treble Battery life isn’t as long as

Acoustic Research AR-M20 review

If hi-res music players such as the Award-winning Astell & Kern AK70 or the Onkyo DX-P1 can be considered Jack-of-all-trades in the market – the

Sennheiser Momentum In-ear Wireless review

OUR VERDICT Sennheiser has cut the cords but kept the impressive audio quality. The Momentum In-Ear Wireless offer solid, well-rounded sounds but are let down

B&O Play H6 Generation 2 review

The B&O name is associated with luxurious opulence as much as sound quality. It’s good to see the B&O Play H6 Generation 2s aspiring to

Sennheiser CX 5.00i review

What’s the most important battle in the headphones market? It’s not the one between £1000 pairs only those with second homes and stock portfolios can

AKG N20U review

PROS Very clear treble Intricate mids Punchy low bass CONS Sub-bass can be distracting KEY FEATURES 7mm dynamic driver Android and iOS-compatible remote Aluminium earpiece

SoundMagic E80C review

Following on from the success of the Award-winning SoundMagic E10Cs, it’s the turn of the E80Cs in-ears to make their mark in the overpopulated headphones

Muzik One Review

Muzik CEO Jason Hardi started his headphone company back in 2013 to, as he puts it, “connect the world.” But even though he’s been showing


HIGHS Sleek, modern design High-quality craftsmanship and materials Hard case makes travel safe and simple Good treble response LOWS High clamping force erodes long-term comfort


HIGHS Thoughtful, eye-catching design Massive, detailed, and engaging soundstage Warm and deep, with clear, detailed treble Extremely high sound quality for the price Environmentally friendly

Sony MDR-1000X review

PROS Light and comfortable Excellent noise-cancelation Superb sound quality Adjustable ANC level Excellent mic for calls Long battery life CONS There’s a knack to the

Onkyo W800BT review

Verdict These wireless in-ears aren’t a million miles away but still need some work For Clever charging case Lightweight design Clear, open sound Against Limited

Onkyo E700M review

If Evander Holyfield were to suddenly appear in your living room, you’d somehow just know he was there. The same can be said for one

Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE review

OUR VERDICT The Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE offer wonderfully balanced sound and great build quality for the price. While its sound could be more spacious

Bose QuietComfort 35 review

PROS Superb noise cancelling Excellent mic for calls Light and comfortable Long battery life CONS No aptX No option to turn off ANC KEY FEATURES

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7NC review

PROS Great-quality, clear sound Comfortable Good battery life CONS ANC not as effective as the best Slight granularity to the mids KEY FEATURES Active noise

Sony MDR-100ABN h.ear on Wireless review

PROS Excellent wireless performance Effective, stress-zapping ANC Very comfortable CONS Poor sound quality when non-powered Low-tech headphones offer better sound KEY FEATURES Active noise cancellation

Jays u-Jays review

PROS High-quality bass Smart looks Versatile remote CONS Not that comfy for long sessions Some mid-range sound issues KEY FEATURES Android/iOS/Windows remote cables available 40mm

Audeze Sine Headphones Review : Luxury for Less

THE GOOD Elegant yet sturdy design Spacious soundscape Comfortable for long listening sessions Affordable for Audeze headphones THE BAD Somewhat heavy Standard cable lacks inline

Onkyo H500 review

PROS Clear treble Balanced bass Smart looks CONS Non-folding Lack mid-range presence and texture KEY FEATURES One-button remote Synthetic leather pads 40mm driver Manufacturer: Onkyo

Sennheiser HD 630VB review

PROS Solid build Clear, high-end sound at lower bass settings Clever smartphone compatibilty chops CONS Bass loses composure at higher settings They look a bit

Maiden Audio ED-Ph0n3s review

PROS Detailed mids Taut, balanced bass Great overall sound quality CONS Uncomfortable for long sessions Less accessible sound than some rivals Polarising, subtlety-free graphics KEY

B&O BeoPlay H8 review

Verdict Style meets great features and good sound in B&O’s flagship on-ears For Effective noise-cancelling Balanced, full-bodied listen Good dynamics and detail Replaceable battery Against

Master & Dynamic MH40 review

Pros Wide soundstage Thundering bass Beautifully built Mute button Cons Leak like a sieve Not the most detailed mid-range Heavy Bass might be too much

Samsung Level On Wireless Pro review

Pros Comfortable Smooth and refined sound High-quality wireless streaming Cons Flat presentation Poorly defined central channel Too loose for sports use Key Features: Bluetooth with

SoundMagic Vento P55 review

Pros Very comfortable Ambitious sound signature Feel as luxurious as many £250/$375 headphones Cons Harsh mid-range Tiring sound Key Features: Removable 3.5mm cable; Case included;

Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP review

Pros Comfortable Fairly balanced and natural sound Bold colour choices Cons Misty mids Limited isolation Key Features: 40mm dynamic driver; Removable cable; One-button remote Manufacturer:

Sennheiser RS185 review

Pros Very comfortable Good sound quality Reliable wireless with good range Cons Lower frequencies could be a bit tauter Key Features: RF wireless; Up to

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-ear review

Pros Comfy pads Involving, rich sound Good looks Cons Fairly poor isolation Key Features: Removable cable; Alcantara pads; Three-button remote Manufacturer: Sennheiser What are the